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UNIT 5 – Get to know your Triggers

UNIT 5 – Get to know your Triggers

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Yogesh Basavaraju
Yogesh Basavaraju
2 years ago

A beautiful, simple method. the worksheets need a lot of time and detailing, but just the process of filling it up made me understand the trigger so much better. I was always wondering, how does it stealthily come up. But this unit helped me a lot. The effect of belief is quite well established here. I am loving the path how this course is taking.

Ernesto Parisii
Reply to  Yogesh Basavaraju
2 years ago

Thank you so much, I appreciate the comment a lot. Yes it takes some time to fill them out and this helps to connect the dots in the brain and understand these triggers better. Some of these trigger appears i a different light then. 😊🙏

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