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UNIT 6 – Give your Trigger a shape

UNIT 6 – Give your Trigger a shape

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Ronald VENUS
Ronald VENUS
11 months ago

How can we describe our 5 senses about money experiences ? For exemple, I feel really bad when my customers dont pay me at the right time. I know that trigger is money but how can I describe senses about money bad mood ?

Ernesto Parisii
Reply to  Ronald VENUS
11 months ago

Hello and thank you for the question. The questiuon is what is the real trigger. Is it money ot is it the absence of money, the gap or the fact that you feel not respected when customer pays late. Reflect on this. Here is an example for how to describe it in senses: What picture do I se? I se myself have difficulties getting the money and pay my biils. What to I hear? I hear voices of my supplier screaming for money What do I feel? where do you feel in in your body? For example i get stomach… Read more »

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