Get clearness on what you want

Without a clear vision and a big “why” to prevent looping 

Get clear on your purpose & take daily actions

Without a vision our brain has no clue what to do

Before we start with this section i would like to invite you to look back and ask yourself what your biggest achievement has been so far? The second question how did you inspire yourself to go and strive for a goal? Did you have pictures in your mind? Did you feel the joy and gratitude in yourself? Did you get a big "why" you want to achieve it? Did you identify a feeling or habit that you believe you can pinpoint to an old memory? I'm sure you had this experience and that vision gave you the ultimate power and fuel for your success. It does not matter how big the dream or the goal that you want, the basis to achieve it is always the same. You must have a vision and a big "why" that pulls you towards that achievement. That is the secret. Define your “why” and keep this in vision and in your practice on a daily basis. Without a clearly defined vision and path, your brain start to work on its own and creates feelings and makes decisions based on past experiences. It can continue to build upon false or old beliefs. Be the master of your brain, your thoughts, your behaviors, your habits. It can give you the path of truth and purpose and the brain can work in your favor to ensure that you have enough fuel to change your path. Think about when you book your vacation, you imagine yourself in the journey, the destination, the adventure, the beach and you use pictures to strengthen it. The same thing is valid for goals.

Every GPS needs a destination in order to navigate

Your guidance system you have is like a GPS, you need a destination in order to get guided. So having a vision and end goal is key. But the vision alone on paper is just not enough. The vision has to go into your DNA, you must become it in order to get your subconscious supporting you. As mentioned before part of the vision is the "why" you want to go there. This part of the game is critical to success, if you don't have a bulletproof why, the possibility that you are going to give up when it gets tough is high. Take the time needed to really go into your inner being and ask why you want it. Write down your mission statement. Write how it will feel, state that you ARE your vision. Write down your promises on action you will take to achieve your goals, your why, your purpose! Make sure you see that statement everywhere and all time. One great tool to make your vision visible and vivid is a vision board and hang it there where you can see it all the time. The more you see it the more your brain starts to look for ways to confirm it to be reality. Your brain will recognize the new vision to be a new comfort zone and it will attract all things to keep you on that path.

Think big and start from the end

Many successful people in life start with a big ream and they dream about this every single day. We all dream somehow right? When we were young, we may have been taught that day dreaming is meaningless or not achievable or has no purpose. We may have grown to think that day dreaming can just be wondering thoughts. That is not going to help us get there . We might have stopped using our imaginations which is the greatest power that we have. We are turning this power back on! Light switch on! All the successful visionary people were leaving the school early to pursue their dream and had always the end in mind. This is where success and making dreams a reality come in. This is something like reverse engineering, they took every day one single actions which which was somehow related to the vision. This is the key, have your dream in mind, take action every day towards it, it will reform your neurological pathways and with time it will guide you to do all tasks and decisions with ease and enthusiasm. Do not listen to others, do not let anyone else’s fears and doubts steer you away from your dreams. Reading about why your dream is not going to get you to far, you are still working with beliefs that were built with a younger mind, no knowledge, this can still work in a way to dis-empower you. Make this your new mantra: "everything starts as a thought!"

Set clear goals and break down the action plan with baby steps

Setting goals is something we hear on each course or training we do so what is new about goals then? How does the brain react when we set goals? We need goals and we actually set goals all the time, not only in business also in our personal life. So why are certain goals easily achieved and others are just not? Let’s think about specific examples. Say we set a goal for the upcoming weekend to go hiking and of course we go and do that. Another goal can be building up a business. We’ve had this goal for years except nothing is moving. The fear and uncertainty starts eating up all of our energy. You might be thinking that these are not comparable goals. These are different types of goals. Yes, you are right. One is basically tactical and very easy to execute and the other one is more high level and long term. So it should become clear why we can reach one goal very easily and the other is so damn hard. Here is the thing, if a goal is big and excited your brain can get overwhelmed, you might get stuck with fear and worry.To avoid stress response make goals digestible, break it down into daily baby steps and check each of them off once they are achieved. Big goals should be broken down with small steps. Each small step is achievable. Several small checked off steps is now a path and pattern toward the goal. Take a step forward toward your goal!

Identifying your values is crucial to success

In order to lay down a successful path you have to know what is important to you and I mean what is really important in the big picture, not just what is important to you now. This is not an easy task because your ego and your intuition are not of the same opinion. Therefore it is really important to do this in quiet state of mind in order to access your true inner guidance system. It is important to be aware of two types of values. The toward-to values are the ones that attract to you. The away-from values are the ones that you try to avoid at any cost. In order to access your full energy potential you have to know your values, they can change in time but it’s important to know them now. These can be your brain’s protagonist and antagonists. These need to be seen as strengths and weaknesses. Is it crucial to success to identify these.

Tools and practice for clarity

In order to identify what we really want we need to find out what's important for us. What has the most value to us and what not. On paper, begin to list all the values which are important to you such as success, health, wealth, love, family or whatever is valuable to you. List them all. Aim for a minimum of 10 - 15. Then select the 5 most important ones. Rank them all and identify the top 5. Leave this list in sight for at least one week and then review it again. Is it still accurate? If so, carry on. Do the same with move-away values like anger, emotions, feeling overwhelmed, being easily frustrated, jealousy, self-pity and so on. Be honest with yourself here. After this exercise you know which values please you the most and which creates heavy negative response. Now take your time and think about what you would like to do in your life... what is your dream. Don't judge the outcome just write it down, let your internal feelings guide you. Usually we write something down and then we cancel it because we think it's unrealistic, well is it really unrealistic or do we have a core belief holding us back? Do not think too hard, let this all flow. As soon than you have written down your dream, start to map it to the values. Do they match? Yes? Congratulations! You are on track with what is important to you. If not, think about it more in depth, write your story down and map it again. If it does not match you have probable some core beliefs holding you back, let's identify these and rewrite your story.

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