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We have more than one Brain and keeping the balance is key

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We have 3 brains and several small ones

For many years we were told that we have one brain. Sure, looking at the medical definition it is true but, in reality, we have many brains. For instance, our heart and gut have their own neurons, which means they have their own intelligence and can create their own mind. These three brains are well connected to each other and exchange information continuously in order to steer the whole ship. Additionally, we have seven energy centers along our body called the chakras. These energy centers are also connected to each other and to the main system. If one of these brains gets out of sync, the whole system becomes incoherent, and you start to experience stress symptoms. This keeps us running on survival and autopilot mode. Long standing stress responses not only create disease and pain, they also lead to addiction for these types of hormones. This means that whenever you have some calmer, easier days like on a holiday or vacation, your body gets withdrawal symptoms and starts to kick the mind to produce some anxious thoughts. This is the time when you start fighting for things you normally don’t notice. Understanding how these seven chakra systems work, what you can do to bring them into balance during your busy days, and learning how to balance them daily, is a real game changer.

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The heart has its own intelligence and is the source of our intuition

The heart is the first organ that is formed when a fetus starts to grow, way before the brain comes along. In several cultures, the heart is seen as the deep space of love, intuition, truth and energy. In fact, the heart is not only our pump; it also has its own intelligent network of neurons, it has its own mind. In this deep space is where we have our intuition, our internal guidance system which knows many answers far before the mind does. Sadly, in the modern and western worlds, we’ve forgotten this source of power and we mostly focus on following our mind (actually, our ego). The ego has different interests. It lives separately and is constantly seeking external incentives and approvals. The heart, however, knows how valuable you are, and it does not need any external confirmation. It’s nice, isn’t it? But what does that mean for you? It means you have an immense source of wisdom, deep calmness, energy and guidance. Learn how to access this deep space of creativity, it’s there where all the great and special things exist. It’s like writing a book, developing a new great idea, and most important, it is where we experience love, gratitude and compassion.

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Coherence between the brain and the heart builds emotional resilience

What is coherence? It’s the harmonious co-working of both key players of our system. By increasing the outflow of intuitive intelligence along with our mind, we are able to increase our emotional intelligence. We can straighten our emotional balance, which manifests in ways like reducing our emotional reactions to external events and environments, questioning intuitively our beliefs and thoughts we value, and referring to our inner guidelines. The Heart Math Institute defines heart intelligence like this: “Heart intelligence is the flow of intuitive awareness, understanding and inner guidance we experience when the mind and emotions are brought into coherent alignment with the heart. It can be activated through self-initiated practice. The more coherent we are and the more we pay attention to this deeper intuitive inner guidance, the greater our ability to access this intelligence more frequently. Heart intelligence underlies cellular organization and guides and evolves organisms toward increased order, awareness and coherence of their bodies’ systems.” Learning how to create coherence between your brain and your heart will start a powerful cooperation between these two, and you will experience a powerful capability to balance your emotional state. Coherence also initiates the release of several thousands of healing chemicals in your body; these are chemicals that have been forgotten because of your daily stress and anxiety.

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Where focus goes, energy flows

Our focus is incredibly important because it steers our energy flow. Let’s look into it in more detail. What is focus and what steers it? Focusing on something means putting all of your attention on it and using your energy to deal with it. You might not already know that energy has a frequency, and that negative energy has low vibration and positive energy has a high vibration. Low vibration causes us to get stuck in our process of thinking, and because of the law of attraction, it attracts more negative energy. The type of focus we have is essential for the type of energy we attract. If we focus on negative details, we attract more negativity. It’s a cycle! But how do we make sure that we focus on the positive? How can we see the good stuff, even if the experience is really bad? It does not mean that we can’t ever get angry; it just means we have to get out of the negative state as soon as possible to start attracting positive energy again. See the good or the lesson from every situation and your life changes instantly. See always that the negative is a subconscious pattern. As we know, our brain continuously scans the environment for threats and by doing so, the negative focus is strengthened. Without our conscious intervention, the “what’s bad” muscle continuous to grow. So what can we do? We have to ask ourselves the right questions to set the focus to positivity. Questions like “Why always me?” and “I have bad luck” are powerfully negative, and they make you a powerless victim, especially if the answers you give yourself are negative, like “because I are a loser”. But questions like “What can I learn from this?” will really empower you! Take control of the conversations in your head. You must train your mind and learn to be its master, or your mind will be the master of your life.

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The body has powerful self healing capabilities and they can be activated

If our body is designed to heal itself, why do we need to take medication? Well, it’s not black and white obviously, but the more we interfere with medication, the more we will lean on prescription medication, as a society. But why? Is it because the pills do miracles? No. It’s because we believe that pills can heal us, which is called the “placebo effect.” Many studies have proven that patients who were asked to test a wonder pill were tricked into taking sugar pills, and the effect was astonishing. The results of taking a placebo are often the same as those patients who took the real pills. Another example I have read about is where patients were apparently testing a new medication for Parkinson’s disease and their tremors disappeared. One day, they were told that the medication was fake pills, and after a few days, the tremors were back again. Why is that? Is it possible that our thoughts steer the healing capabilities of our bodies? Yes, it is possible. When we train our mind to completely surrender, imagine, and believe that we can heal, we will heal. If we strongly believe in something, then nothing can keep us from getting it, and our energy will adapt itself to healing our body like it’s supposed to do.

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About Neuroscience and the bridge to spirituality

In the last few decades, therapists were separating the mind from the body. The Western world had almost no knowledge about the connection between these, so body pains were treated locally and mental disorders were mostly treated with pills or talk therapy and other methods. To be clear, I’m not saying that these treatments were wrong, and there are success stories from these methods. But as time goes on and as studies continue to improve with new, innovational approaches, we find that the mind and the body are much closer that we ever thought. Many mental issues also cause bodily pain due to our body’s release of chemicals, and with some, issues in the body are creating even more mental disorders and illnesses. Science has now proven that the mind creates most of the disorders based on false beliefs and imaginary problems that never existed. Old emotional wounds and poor nutrition combined lead to mental illness. The body is addicted to the mind’s chemical releases and therefore starts to create stress, when no stress is given, just to get the “hit emotion.” All this has advanced to one conclusion: in order to heal, we need a holistic approach, and we have to realign the mind and the body to work together. We actively have to tell our minds what the reality is that we want to experience. We have to create the thoughts, the emotions, and the feelings we want to have. If we don’t take responsibility, somebody else will influence our minds to take control over us.

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