Our subconscious mind runs the show

Why changes fail and how to turn it around

We run 95% of our daily life in autopilot mode

The human mind is divided into two sub minds

The human mind is built based on two sub minds. One is the conscious mind and the other is the subconscious mind. The ratio of governance of these two minds are, 5% is conscious and 95% is subconscious. The main difference between the subconscious and the conscious mind is the subconscious is much more powerful and able to steer several 1000 activities simultaneously. The conscious mind is just able to do one thing at a time. The body is considered to be the big part of the 95% subconscious mind, this means that every nerve cell which we carry on in the body has information stored concerning many automated processes. Let’s look at one example when we lift our arms: Sub activities such as the raise of the blood pressure, distribution of oxygen, signal to the muscles and more other complex processes have to be managed. Our conscious mind is just not able to steer it all and that's why the brain distributes the execution among all nerve cell in the body and automate their flow. We don't have to consciously care about these things anymore, it just happens. What an amazing system we have! Heads up though! The same applies for past experiences in beliefs and the stories that we keep telling ourselves. The brain will just apply the version it knows. But is that version always valid?

95% of our lives we are in autopilot

As previously mentioned, 95% of the human mind being used is the subconscious, what does that mean? It literally means that it like an iceberg, the by far bigger part of it is below the surface. In other words, whatever is in there primarily runs the show and steers our lives. The subconscious mind makes decisions based on beliefs, values and past experiences by applying the records with the top priority bias which is to protect you. All this happens in an autopilot mode. We are often not aware of all of the aspects leading to our behaviors, opinions, feelings, and responses. The brain basically does everything to avoid pain and anything gain comfort and confirmation. On a day to day basis, we typically do not even realize that our subconscious mind guides us because it is so second nature and normal to us. Our brains our programmed. Think about your daily commute to work and home. Do you ever arrive, park, and think about how you don't remember if you even passed any specific areas or a particular traffic signal at an intersection? You probably did everything that you intended and probably did it all correctly. It was your subconscious mind steering the ship. Your conscious mind could relax. Another example where the 95% power comes into play is when trying to lose weight. Let’s say you make a decision to drop some weight and you start a diet. It works greatly but after a few months you get all the weight back and a bit more.Why is that? It's not your diet nor is it your fault. It's your subconscious mind which perceives the massive weight drop as threat and it starts to produces thoughts and chemicals like sugar drop which let you eat more and more again. It does whatever it takes to "protect" from getting weak due the drastic reduction of food. The subconscious mind is so powerful but you can reprogram it to support you and to get it aligned with your intentions and goals.

The pro and cons of automated information processing and behavior

There are many advantages associated to the automatism in our mind. For things which we have to do every day in our life become easy and effortlessly. Like driving a car, riding a bicycle and many more. This is a very efficient way of doing many things with the brain and body together, and we should take a second to love and appreciate our brains for that. But the similar happens for experiences, stories, and beliefs that we have. The brain does not ask us if we still believe that the experience in the past is still a dangerous one or not or if the belief we carry on is still true or not, tt just continues to execute the patterns. This goes back to the importance of positive self-talk. For instance: if we tell ourselves that we are not able to do something, that we do not like something, we are going to repeat this statement and belief again and again and will apply this in other circumstances. The brain creates patterns and it begins to rationalize around it for this belief to be confirmed, and we apply the pattern and responses in other circumstances. Remember, it wants to save energy so it will automate it. What does that mean for us? Hold on, are we really unable to do everything which we think we are? Is what we believe, about us and the world, still the truth? Not necessarily but the old patterns are conditioning us to believe it and we tend to look for ways to confirm the beliefs. For us it looks like the truth because it is familiar to our brain. But in many cases, these patterns are a product of our past like old files and records stored in our brains, but it does not necessarily represent the current reality. We have to tell our brain that the current issue or the past experiences is not a threat to us. We have to teach our subconscious mind about the real reality and when we achieve this, we will gain massive power.

The job of our subconscious mind is to protect us

The main job of our brain is to protect us, not to make us happy. Whatever it thinks will cause pain, it will avoid at all cost. Changing something in your life means we must navigate to the unknown, which will feel uncomfortable. Because the brain wants to save energy, this might be painful because it has to learn new stuff which takes a lot of conscious effort. The brain does not like the thought of that undertaking and therefore it will produce so many disempowering thoughts around your attempt to change. The little voices in your head will start to raise tons of reason why you should not do it. This is not you, it’s your pre-programmed brain! The protection mechanism is there for good purpose, but the reasoning around it is not always valid and true. So we need to make it our job to find out how to make our brain shift from pain to pleasure and vice versa. Let's take a part of our lives where we try to change something but it just does not work and let’s identify the pain for doing it and what is the pleasure for not doing it. There must be a reason for the brain is identify pain, which is more revealing than the current situation. In order to get the brain moving it has to be provoked by adding a lot of pain to the current situation. You must teach your subconscious mind all the pains which will occur if you don't make the changes, if you don’t face your fears. And must teach it all the pleasures it will gain when the changes are made. Your brain will start moving and will do whatever it takes.

The subconscious programming from childhood to adulthood

In order to understand why our subconscious mind is somehow working against your goals, you need to understand how it evolved and what factors influenced its programming. From a child's birth until the age of 7, the subconscious and conscious do not exist yet, there is only one mind. The brain is running in alpha brainwaves and is fully vulnerable and almost everything gets stored in the subconscious directly. This means that during that period the basic neurological network is build reflecting the experiences and traumas the child had during this period.The brain is here to protect you, that is its nature. So think about this a child has no protection except the parents which he or her develops relationship. So it loves them unconditionally and we love our children also there is no doubt about that. But what happens if we are as parents are stressed and we get angry at the child for no real reason? The child gets a trauma and saves the experiences immediately into the subconscious mind in order to be more careful in the future. Of course most parents are not getting angry on their child on purpose, but whenever such an experience happens the basic fear, shame and self-guilt patterns are formed and reinforced. There are Traumas with a big T and traumas with small t's, both have devastating influences on a child's mind because there is no “Firewall" blocking issues out. All goes in! After the age of 7 the brain changes to Beta brainwaves and the Child starts to form the conscious mind. Because of the existing "fear" pattern it will experience more fear than others with less traumas and it will reinforce the neurological connection until it is in adulthood.

Simple and easy techniques to reprogram the subconscious mind

There are several ways to reprogram your subconscious mind, the method are easy to and fast to apply. As we know, the brain has some basic functions and the most important one is to protect us. If we just live our life and let the mind decide what is best for us we will fall more and more into anxiety., worry and overwhelm. Why? Because our Brain will rate everything which could be threatening to us, real or unreal experiences, as an issue and release panic chemicals. You can change this but you have to become in charge of your mind. and tell it every day what you want and become literally your goal. Learn how top observe your mind, how to look at thoughts, how to change them. and how to manifest them in your life. Get clear on what you want in your life, identify your biggest mental blocker and then define your manifestation strategy. Implement daily routine to support your vision. Use practice like meditation to build space between you and your thoughts, and gain resilience. Work Use newest tools like energy healing, subliminals and binaural beats and techniques to access and reprogram with your subconscious mind. Look at your language pattern and how to you talk to yourself, are you empowering or disempowering yourself? Visualize your vision by literally become it, see yourself living this new world, what are you wearing, what do you do during your days. Feel it. And just keep in mind, it took decades to build up your old self. It’s not a 5 minute bob but it is so worth it to make this a routine and a fixed part of your daily life.

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