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Goal of this online free course:

Stress is the number 1 problem in society. It not only creates unpleasant experiences, but also causes harm to the body and mind. Stress has become very common in modern times, and it appears many people are unaware of how stress affects their daily life.

Our body is designed to absorb a certain amount of stress and once this limit is reached it begins to break down. It creates a protective mechanism in forms of anxiety and panic attacks to avoid stressful situations. Consistent exposure to stressful situations can also lead to disease and burnouts.

This course about stress management is designed for people who want to learn more about stress and how they can relieve stress in their day-to-day lives.




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3 years ago
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Ernesto has created an amazing course. The contents are really clear and easy to understand. When I was first introduced to NLP I found it complicated and complex. Ernesto has the ability of making it accessible to everyone. One of the things that I loved the most is that he offers easy tools for daily life that can ha w a huge impact on wellbeing.
Thank you Ernesto ♡