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"The Body follows the Mind" - David R. Hawkins

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My name is Ernesto Parisii and I am your Coach. I am committed to awaken the hidden power in you for even more success in life.​

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The Mind can limit or empower you
The mind can empower or limit you

We have up to 70000 thoughts each day. These thoughts are shaping our life. Learn how to make them work for you.

o your Life runs unconscious
95% of your life is unconscious

Our mind is divided into the conscious 5% and the subconscious 95%. The latter is the autopilot and runs our lives. Learn why.


The Body and the Mind are one
The Body and the Mind are one

Traditional Psychology and medicine divide mind and body. The opposite is true, most disorders are symptoms.

Learn to unleash your Power
Learn to unleash your Power

Each and every one has unlimited power, we are conditioned to cage it. Learn how to identify and remove your barriers.

The 95% can be reprogrammed
The 95% can be reprogrammed

For many years we believed that our subconscious is set for our entire life, with the discovery of neuroplasticity, this changed.

Learn to effectively manage Stress
Learn to effectively manage Stress

Learn to effectively manage your stress response during your daily life. Learn to separate from being day to day pressures and challenges that can be overwhelming.

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Can we reprogram our mind? Yes, we can!

People often ask me, “How do I reprogram my mind? How can I get rid of old stuff I’ve been carrying for a long time? Is it even possible?” My


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