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I am committed to your success

I help you creating a new version of yourself & implementing lasting change in your life. 

Transform the anxious mind

Let go of past conditioning which keeps you caged in fear, anxiety and self-doubt.

Become powerful self

Get clarity of what you want, create & implement a new mind and become who you want to be.


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Why are you not getting what you want in life? Is it because you are lazy or you just because you are not as good as other?

Its none of them, it’s the subconscious programming you carry on from you past conditioning which is limiting you!

There it is not your fault, but it is your call to change these programs.

Don’t wait for the crisis, do it now.

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NEW: 12 Weeks Intensive Live- Coaching Program!

Master your mind, transform past conditioning and unleash your personal power

Join us in this 12 Week journey and take control of your life

Do it self-paced or join us on a weekly live group coaching session or for even more focus go for 1:1 VIP sessions. 

Chose what suits you!

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Transform fears, doubts and insecurities into more self-confidence and serenity. Learn how your mind works, how fear arises and what you can do to eliminate it step by step.

Get to know effective and powerful tools and practices which you can use on a daily basis.

This Workshop is in German language. 

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Create your own customized education for your audience. Teach them how the brain functions and how to program it to be successful.  

Let’s build an unique and powerful Workshop. Bring your team to the next level and gain momentum for limitless growth.

The Workshops can be held online via Zoom or on a physical location of your choice. 

Lets go for it!



The Body follows the Mind" - David R. Hawkins

Welcome To My Website!

My name is Ernesto Parisii and I am your Coach & Trainer. I am committed to awaken the hidden power in you for even more success in life.


I want you to unleash your power and create an even better version of yourself

Learn to effectively manage Stress

Learn to effectively manage your stress response during your daily life. Learn to separate from being day to day pressures and challenges that can be overwhelming.

95% of your life runs unconsciously

Our mind is divided into the conscious 5% and the subconscious 95%. The latter is the autopilot and runs our lives. Learn why.

Learn to unleash your Power

Each and every one has unlimited power, we are conditioned to cage it. Learn how to identify and remove your barriers.

The mind can empower or limit you

We have up to 70000 thoughts each day. These thoughts are shaping our life. Learn how to make them work for you.

Own your mind

Learn how the mind & brain works and take control of your life

It has been proven many times that the subconscious mind owns the real power. It runs based on past survival programs and conditioning. If you want lasting changes you must change your programming.

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Billions of  workers, called neurons , are working in your brain. Tell them what to do, before they tell you!

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Of your time is rule by your subconscious programming. Do they help, or do they limit you?

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Daily investment can transform fears into more personal power and significantly improve your life 


Your success is our commitment

Individual & Group Coachings

Let us support you in creating your new life.

Online courses & Seminars

Self-pace online combined with Live – Zoom sessions

Workshops & Trainings

Live events & customized workshops

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Our values drive not only our culture and how we work with clients but also how we live our lives. We partner with our clients.


Satisfied Users Over The Globel

Our values drive not only our culture and how we work with clients but also how we live our lives. We partner with our clients.


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