About me

About me

I became passionate about the power of Human Mind and the connection to the Body and Spirit.

I believe

I believe that everything starts with a thought, that the mind is strongly connected to our body and that is possible to rewire your brain to get rid of blockers in order to use your full potential

I love

I love to see people grow from the inside out. We love to help in gaining confidence, happiness and assisting in reaching goals by removing old limiting beliefs, habits and thinking patterns.

I appreciate

I appreciate every single minute we can in learning new things about the Mind - Body connections in order to teach the best practices and latest research to you.

The "Why" behind

After years of being treated with antidepressants and struggling with anxiety, fear and other negative emotions, Ernesto was at the end off the idea stream of what to do next. One day a coworker suggested a book about neuroscience and anxiety and that book changed everything.  

The book used Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP and Neuroplasticity Techniques to get rid of Anxiety and Negativity. The exercises were easy to do and were very effective. It really worked. 


The anxiety was gone and not only that, the techniques unleashed hidden power to build up this website, start coaching and teaching people on how to unleash their own mental power. The learnings and techniques needed to be shared. After the experience, Ernesto decided to dedicate his life to the human Mind. He explored many NLP Trainings and attended numerous workshops and seminars about Mind – Body connection. He developed some of his own techniques and strategies to significantly lower stress, get clarity, and how to achieve them and implement strategies to reach your goals. The fact that our brain changes everyday and we can actively influence it is the greatest discovery of the last 20 years. What we perceive to be our reality is made up by our mind based on beliefs and habit we are carrying on for years and we don’t even realize because 95% of our life runs subconsciously. We can change that. You can change that and use the full potential of your brain and subconscious mind to support your desires.

My personal story

I was born December the 15th 1970 in Baden, a little Town in the German part of Switzerland. My parents are Italian immigrants, they came to Switzerland around 1965 and had absolutely nothing with them. They left their home village with just a suitcase. By the time I was born, my parents had already managed to settle down and have stable jobs. Today I understand what they went through, out of nothing they build up a life in a foreign country without really understanding the language or culture. I love my parents for what they did for us. I did all my education in my hometown and decided to learn the trade and work as an electrician. Later on I discovered my passion for computers and I spent almost 8 years as a computer specialist before beginning leadership career for the next 17 years with different corporations. 

After taking over the first leadership position I decided to catch up with education. I successfully achieved 2 Masters Degrees in Business Administrations and International Management and had the privilege to study at Harvard Business School. Until one day I felt so exhausted and empty. I went to work with the hope that everything will be alright. I did not work out and turn out as alright as I had hoped. I was totally out of course, lost hope, packed with anxiety and anger and I started to be angry with everybody else for my situation. What happened? This was the moment I decided it was time for a change and my journey began. I learned about Neuro Linguistic Programming and had an immediate positive experience. One day I was laying down on the Beach in Italy, I was listening to an audio book on NLP and I tried one of the exercises. WOW! I was so astonished about the fact that I could change the feeling of a negative situation, I did not feel the stomach pain anymore after only 5 min of exercise. After this experience I decided to dedicate my life to the human mind and the connection to the body. I studied several books, attended seminars and completed the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner course and gained my certification. Here I am now, happy and grateful to have the opportunity to share these effective strategies and tools with you. I’m so excited and I look forward to meet you.