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Deanne Dorosh, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

It is my absolute pleasure be writing a few lines about Ernesto Parisii.  I met Ernesto through our pages on Instagram.  I was new to Instagram at the time but knew once I had looked through his feed and had conversation with him through DM, he was someone I wanted to follow and support.  I am a long-time student of what I call, The Great Work of Self.  What I have experienced with Ernesto is someone who is very dedicated to helping people experience and understand the Great Work for themselves.  I see him as someone who is humbling working through his own challenges and sharing his journeys very authentically for the greater good of the human following him.  Ernesto has a knack for simplifying steps that make it easier to understand certain aspects of the personal growth journey and helping those following him to know they are not alone in the difficulties that can show up along the path to being a better human, letting go of past and living a happy life.  I have had the pleasure of live video conversation with Ernesto whereby he helped me to understand more of EFT,  that I was then able to share with a loved one.   I see this man growing in his life, sharing authentically what it takes and speaking of his personal work to be a better human.  His focus is directed to helping people who are looking for answers to move forward in their lives.  The Great Work of Self is not easy work.  Ernesto shares the reality of his experiences openly and honestly and can teach with care and simplicity.  Wonderful attributes in a human wanting to help other humans.