Juline Bruck, Los Angeles, California, USA

Here is how we met. He came to the Los Angeles, California USA area for business. I was at the same venue. Ernesto's first coaching session in person established his credibility and through knowledge of personal development. Then he and I stayed in touch through the internet with Whatsapp texts and calls over six months of this year.

This is an important point: Ernesto's presence, passion and wisdom transcends the format of text and phone. Helping me transition from being a stay at home mother to busy author meant overcoming fears of past rejection. Ernesto also helped me tackle some family dynamics with my now grown daughters. I'm pleased to report these are in good order. He says what he means. He means he says. Ernesto showed a passion for my success that is rarely experienced from others. Maybe the best indicator of his quality as a coach would be how much detail he remembers even months later. Yes, I recommend Ernesto Parisii as a coach! Quick! Sign up and be part of his schedule! Do this before the rest figure this out and it's hard to get on his calendar!