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Just what I needed

I really enjoyed Ernesto's seminar on reprogramming the mind! I had already learned parts of the information presented during our time together, but when he combined it all, it clicked for me personally. Ernesto also brought his personal charm and backstory that further supported his message when it comes to getting stuck in a social system that does not support our best nature. Over the course of 2 seminar days, we learned so much about each other and ourselves. I realized how much I had been blaming myself, even though I was already doing much of what Ernesto suggested in his program. The information, combined with his personal touch and the pictures and diagrams he used, came together to form a unified theme: We need to take more responsibility in our lives to create the reality we want to live in and participate in. Different modalities and approaches to the changes Ernesto described were presented, which made me feel more comfortable taking matters into my own hands. Thank you for everything you contributed to this seminar!


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